International Day of Yoga

It seems these days everything has a designated “day of”, from doughnuts to cake to coffee, titles, relationships, there are so many days of some days have multiple honorees. There are also weeks (teachers) and months (breast cancer awareness, black history). But today, June 21st, also solstice, the official day spring becomes summer, is designated the International Day of Yoga. Just like all other days, weeks, and months of observance, we are called to become aware of the honoree. Mother’s day, we spend thinking about and if we are lucky enough to have a living mother, celebrating with our mothers the gift of a mother’s love. When I lost my mother to cancer in 2007, I realized that most of my life, almost every day had been mother’s day. I appreciated her presence and always felt like she was a gift to be treasured. After she died, I never stopped thinking about her, daily, and I continue to love and honor her memory in any way I can. Especially on Mother’s Day. Similarly, the International Day of Yoga brings my awareness a bit more keenly to my yoga practice. My appreciation for the practice of yoga and all it has brought to my life grows as I do. The physical practice, or asana, which most westerners think of as the total practice of yoga, is a fantastic movement practice that allows us to keep our bodies strong, flexible and balanced. But yoga is so much more than the physical practice. When mindfully practiced, yoga invites the practitioner to go inward, become more self-aware, and as this awareness practice is strengthened so is compassion for self and others. If you practice yoga long enough, you may become aware of the philosophical foundations. This awareness leads to a deep understanding that we are all temporary visitors into these bodies and to this earth. Equanimity flows, life is joyful and peaceful, and vitality abounds. So you could say, the International Day of Yoga is all about you, and yoga, and the earth, and the universe. If you haven’t already figured that out, find a yoga teacher, practice, build strength and resilience, and live a joyous vital life! Namastè

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