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Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation as Medicine

An Interview with Michelle Ann Collins

Michelle Zellner of fame is an amazing being herself, spreading her knowledge and wisdom from a life of overcoming challenges and learning and growing through healthy mindful habits. Our conversation highlights my story of grief and loss, and ranges from “what is yoga therapy?” to what does it feel like to have PTSD and how meditation, yoga, meditation and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to recover from challenges and move into a vibrant joyful life. I hope you enjoy listening and learning how to become a better being.

Sips of St*ry 'n Sanity

An Interview with Michelle Ann Collins

As if tackling a project about losing her spouse to suicide wasn't enough, Michelle Ann Collins also faced a series of emotional and physical health challenges that delayed the completion of her project. Fortunately, she had the tools, skills, and resources required to transform her obstacles into pathways of healing and transformation.

The Mourning Dove

An Interview with Michelle Ann Collins

Grief and trauma can be healed. It doesn’t mean you forget, you learn to integrate the experiences into your life and grow through them. Listen to my conversation with Allie Felker as we talk about healing and moving through life after great loss.

Moments of The Heart

An Interview with Michelle Ann Collins

Welcome to Michelle Ann Collins on Moments of the Heart podcast with Dorice Horenstein

Yoga, meditation and yoga coach, Michelle Ann Collins, is sharing with an open heart her struggles and triumphs! Join Dorice Horenstein, Moments of the Heart Podcast in this heart felt conversation!

How to find Peace When Losing A Loved One

An Interview with Michelle Ann Collins

Welcome to the LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION podcast where true inspiration can be heard. In this podcast I interview amazing people from all walks of life who have had miracles happen by using the Law of Attraction. I share anything from miraculous healings to attracting one's soul mates.

I am a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Certified Heal Your Life Teacher and expert Law of Attraction facilitator and coach. I want more than anything to help people see how miraculous they are and how to live their lives through the Law of Attraction.


Inhabiting Joy After Tragedy

Deep Listening, Being Ready for a Partnership and Feedback

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Life with Laura Muirhead

Michelle Ann Collins joins host Laura Muirhead on this week's episode of A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To My Life®. Michelle shares about the losing people closest to her, including her husband to suicide. Listen in to find out how those experiences led her to a new life of sobriety, grief education and authorship. She now helps others not just survive but thrive through yoga, wellness coaching and her writing.

You Can't Make this St*ry Up with Amanda Johnson

In this poignant interview with Amanda Johnson, Michelle discusses the chapter she contributed to You Can't Make This St*ry Up; What if It’s All Happening For Us.

Awakening the Divine Feminine with Laura J Cornell, PhD

In this poignant interview with Laura J Cornell, PhD, Michelle discusses the chapter she contributed to Awakening the Divine Feminine; 18 Stories of healing, Inspiration and Empowerment, her sobriety, and how yoga and meditation support her to live her best life.

Phoenix Rising with Michelle Ann Collins

Look for Phoenix Rising:
Powerful Women Who Rose From the Ashes to Claim Their Place
Coming out on September 24, 2021.

Watch my interview with Tarryn Reeves the CEO and founder of Four Eagles Publishing and The Publishing House Concierge as we discuss my business and why I said yes to joining the Phoenix Rising group authorship book project and becoming a best-selling author with Four Eagles Publishing.
Look for Phoenix Rising, coming out on September 24, 2021.


Would you like to turn your pain into wisdom and your experiences into your superpower? Would you like guidance from those who have gone before you?

Then join us on this heartfelt journey with 19 extraordinary women who have shared the story of the experiences that tried to break them and how they turned their challenges into their strength and rose renewed and on fire to create lives of purpose and passion.

In Phoenix Rising you’ll hear from an incredible group of women who have lain beneath the ashes of the lives they once knew, experienced a rebirth and used the flames that burned all they knew to the ground to ignite the fire inside them and to rise up brighter, stronger and more on purpose than ever to achieve their dreams.

In a world that is so superficial it can appear that those around us are doing better than we are, that they have something we don’t, that we couldn’t possibly do what they have done. In Phoenix Rising these women show you behind the scenes of their lives and what it took for them to get to where they are today.

If you’re ready to be inspired, impacted and ignited by women just like you so you can learn from their wisdom and apply it to your own life to spread your wings and soar towards your goals then turn the first page and get ready to take flight.

From Grief to Joy with Michelle Ann Collins

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