Meditation 101: it’s not hard and it’s not boring!

When I first started teaching meditation, as an adjunct to private yoga and yoga therapy, clients told me so many reasons why they “couldn’t” meditate. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • I can’t sit still
  • It’s too boring
  • My mind is too busy
  • I would rather watch TV, it’s more relaxing
  • I can’t sit like “that”
  • I don’t see how it would benefit me
  • I don’t have time

I smile now when I hear these excuses and, just like yoga, I remind people it will always be there for them when they are ready for the practice. And just to be clear, you don’t need to sit still, you don’t need to have a mind clear of thoughts, you don’t have to sit in any particular position, and you can improve your life by meditating for less time each day than you spend sending one text message.

It is as easy as breathing, just focus on your breath, try it right now, bring your attention to your breath for a moment, try two or three inhale and exhale cycles, that’s it. You meditated.

That simple practice can open the door to the greatest benefits of any health practice I have ever studied, or tried. Meditation takes us from where we are to where we want to be. The only trick is to do it! Once you get into the habit, and WARNING it is habit forming, your life will improve in ways that will surprise and delight you! You will feel more at ease and also more ready for life’s challenges.

And when those thoughts come pouring in, and they will, just observe and let them flow by. It’s just like when you get a little pang in the knee while running. You don’t immediately stop and call an uber right? It’s just your knee giving you a little information about its status. A thought comes in during meditation and it’s a status update from your mind. Notice it, and let it go. I think of it as a cleansing, meditation is mental floss, that thought needed to be cleared.

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Wishing you peace and joy!

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