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Dr. Darian Parker has a unique podcast. He totally free forms the conversations, no questions provided ahead of time. At first, when I listened I was a bit confused at the lack of agenda, then I realized the beauty of this podcast IS that it has no set agenda. After listening to several episodes I began to love the freeform, less interview and more flowing conversation, Dr. D and his guests engage in a co-creative dance that allows the listeners to receive unscripted, unedited real-life content.

Unique and impactful, Dr. D and his guest cover whatever topic flows out. I love this because, just as life flows along unscripted, these podcasts do as well. It feels authentic, real, raw and is very engaging. I have learned so much from his podcasts, about subjects I may not have otherwise clicked “listen” to on a podcast menu. This type of surprise learning and expansion is a gift, surprise lessons from unexpected teachers, and this mirrors how I live my life. Every day, every experience I have, I look for the blessing and I try to see everything, even tough times, as a gift from the universe.

So when Dr. D. asked me to be a guest on his podcast I agreed immediately. No anticipating (or planning on) answering tough questions, just knowing I was going to get a chance to share my message in an unscripted and free flowing arena.

And share I did. Through this podcast episode I was not only able to share my message, that whatever happens in your life you can still live in joy and health, but with Darian’s gentle support and frank questioning I was able to get to some pretty deep places that I was absolutely not expecting to share. As Darian and I engaged in co-creating this raw, open piece I could feel healing happening in my body. Healing that I thought I had completed. So I learned, or reconfirmed, that my healing journey continues, and I learned that with the right support and space even discussing a tragic story can feel like a hug from the universe. I was being cheered on by everyone who has helped me along my path, and by Dr. D. to share my message because he knows and I know it will be healing for people.

So if you can listen, you will hear my story, and how I fought to heal and continue to heal every day. These are the deep dark places in my experience where I found the farthest edge of my ability to cope. The listening is not easy, it’s long and there are some very sad and hard parts to hear. The interview was difficult because I was feeling emotional distress at the retelling of these stories, but the hope that sharing my story will help others who have been through difficult times know that they can heal, makes it meaningful and worth it.

We all have a purpose, sharing the tools I have developed as a result of tragedy to help others is mine. We can all live a joyful, healthy life.

In Joy,


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