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Groan Yoga

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Groan Yoga? Yes! Groan!  It's a time to RELEASE tension!  It can be difficult to commit to a long intense yoga practice, so come join this fun, lively interactive 75 minute practice to release emotional and physical tension through yoga postures and groaning!

Groan Yoga is a gentle practice whose design is based on ancient principles of yoga and Ayurveda as well as modern neuroscience.  Set up your zoom screen, mat, and grab a block if you have one (not required).  Michelle will guide you through a flow that includes poses to improve flexibility, strength, and balance for the body, mind, and spirit. 

Groan yoga's total body wellness practice will improve digestion, provide increased feelings of calm and clarity, well being, and joy. Yoga has been proven to increase physical and emotional resilience, exactly what we need at this unprecedented challenging time!  Gift yourself this gentle health-supporting yoga practice and find more joy and peace in your life.  Classes are Sunday at 10 am pacific over Zoom video conferencing, with more days and times coming soon!

Reminder: Michelle has advanced training in yoga therapy and she teaches many modification options so your practice will support your body exactly as you are.  Feel free to email ahead of time for more information at:

Currently Groan Yoga registration is by email only. Simply send me an email to and I will send you a link the class.

Adaptive Yoga

chair yoga

Gentle and mindful poses are taught with a variety of options, moving from seated in chairs, to standing poses, with the option of using chairs for balance support.

Strength, balance and flexibility, as well as stress reduction are all addressed in these gentle, accessible adaptive yoga classes.

Michelle is currently offering 3 adaptive classes per week over zoom.

Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 11:00am pacific time, $15/class.

Michelle is committed to sharing the healing practices of yoga with everyone, therefore, no one will be turned away due to inability to pay. For scholarship opportunities and registration information, including lowered cost or free classes, please email Michelle directly at

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga Therapy

Focus on exactly what your body needs through individual yoga therapy sessions with Michelle.

These sessions are tailored to each individual clients' needs and current abilities.

If you have an injury or illness and have a desire to explore how therapeutic yoga can improve your ability to heal, feel more relaxed, improve strength, balance, flexibility and overall well being, try a yoga therapy session!

New to yoga? Individual yoga therapy sessions are also a great way to start yoga if you’ve never tried it. Michelle will teach you yoga poses with proper alignment and mindfulness, to be sure you will safely get the greatest benefit from your new yoga practice.

To learn more about how yoga therapy can improve your health and well being schedule a free connection call with Michelle.

About Michelle

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Michelle Ann Collins

Michelle Ann Collins is a speaker, writer, certified yoga therapist and wellness coach who has taught yoga for over a decade. In her work, she integrates the ancient practices of yoga, and meditation combined with modern psychology and neuroscience to promote optimal well being in her clients. After suffering a series of heartbreaking losses, including the loss of her mother to cancer, her divorce, and losing her second husband to suicide, Michelle dove deeply into the healing studies of Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. Through study and practice, she developed life-changing skills to survive, recover and ultimately thrive. Now, Michelle teaches what she received from her studies and her journey, that post-traumatic growth can happen and with the right coaching and support, everyone, no matter what challenges they face, can live in vibrant health and joy.

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