Wellness Coaching

Results you can expect from working with Michelle:

    • Improved sleep
    • Better digestion and mindful eating
    • Lighter mood and more energy
    • Stronger resilience
    • Calmer and kinder outlook
    • More joyful and vibrant living

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Grief can be a lonely journey filled with guilt and sorrow.
Sadly, even though it is something everyone goes through at some time in their lives, grief is not something we learn about or prepare for ahead of time. If you are grieving, and need some support, encouragement and someone to talk to that really gets it, give grief coaching a try. After losing her mom through a grueling battle with leukemia, and 9 years later losing her second husband to suicide, Michelle went to work learning all she could about how yoga, meditation and mindfulness can support emotional resilience. Through training as a grief educator, Michelle has learned the language of grief, and how to offer foundational support to others who are going through grief.
It is possible to feel good again, as David Kessler, world renowned grief expert says, “to live fully, you need to grieve fully.”
Let Michelle support you through the process. Sign up for a free connection call and discover how Michelle can support you through this difficult time.

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