To inhabit joy...

means joy is an internal habit.

You CAN choose, to live a joyful life regardless of your circumstances or experiences. Joy is internal and eternal, don't wait for an external source to bring you joy, turn inward to uncover the joyful being you already are!

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Why Focus on Joy?

July 28, 2022

I remember the first time I felt joy after my mother died. She had battled leukemia for three and a half years before she died. On the day of her diagnosis, in December of 2003, my world went dark and stayed that way most of the time until she died. After her death, I was […]

Look, Your Perfection is Showing!

July 7, 2022

If I ask you to bring to mind your worst critic, that person in the office, or in your family, who just never thinks anything you do is good enough, and they aren’t afraid to tell you, who would it be? Insert name here:  If you came up with a name of a co-worker or […]

How to regain energy, vitality, and joy? Answers here: look Inward…

June 10, 2022

Does life seem difficult right now? You may feel depleted, heavy, and overtired. Do normal activities just feel challenging? Feeling depleted is not normal, and you don’t have to settle for feeling down or tired all of the time. You have the power to live in vital health and well-being, it just takes one thing: […]

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