To inhabit joy...

means joy is an internal habit.

You CAN choose, to live a joyful life regardless of your circumstances or experiences. Joy is internal and eternal, don't wait for an external source to bring you joy, turn inward to uncover the joyful being you already are!

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“You’ve got to feel it to heal it.”

April 22, 2022

Throughout my journey as one who is healing and as a healer, this phrase has been an integral part of my understanding of the process of healing. When I went through trauma therapy for the PTSD I developed after my husband died by suicide, I wanted to do anything other than feel. My adept therapist […]


April 8, 2022

Don’t you hate being told to “take a deep breath!” Usually, when someone tells me this, it’s the absolute last thing I feel like doing. You’re angry, and you’re about to blow your top at someone (which you will later no doubt regret) and your breath comes in short shallow gasps. You are in fight […]

“What can I do?”

March 25, 2022

When we are faced with challenges we often feel compelled to take action. When my husband died by suicide I found myself desperately asking, “what can I do?” My body was fueled by the hormones of stress and the disconnect of trauma, and it wanted action. You may notice feeling this way lately, when the […]

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