Why Focus on Joy?

I remember the first time I felt joy after my mother died. She had battled leukemia for three and a half years before she died. On the day of her diagnosis, in December of 2003, my world went dark and stayed that way most of the time until she died. After her death, I was …

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Missing the Light?

 Illuminate dark winter nights with warm nourishing practices: If you’re an Old Testament reader, you know that the second act of God was to bring in the light. Immediately the light was deemed good. And it is! This time of year in the northern hemisphere things get really dark. Up in the Pacific Northwest where …

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Equanimity at the Equinox

Learn to practice equanimity to bring calm into your life, even when things feel out of control! At the Spring equinox last weekend I thought about what it means to have equal light and dark.  This last year during the pandemic we have seen extreme inequality. Remember when almost no one who needed a COVID …

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A Routine Move

Recovering from the chaos of this last year will take some time and focus. With all of the changes and uncertainty, you may feel ungrounded, confused, and unbalanced. Fortunately, Ayurveda and yoga offer an endless number of practices to bring you into alignment and ease. Routine is one of the best ways to bring a more …

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