Finding Peace Within

Hello My Friends,

In all the chaos and unrest I had to take some time off to nurture myself and complete my recovery from COVID, so I haven’t written in awhile. My first bout of COVID was a doozy, I am still a little low energy, but I am hopeful my scheduled Fall Ayurvedic Cleanse will help me become completely restored. (Contact me for info on this).

Early on in my recovery from COVID, the war in Israel began. I have family in Israel, so the war is very real and personal for me. It’s really difficult not to constantly watch the news. Worry is disrupting my sleep and interfering with my focus. I know this can harm my health, and I know that worrying is never helpful. I also know there are practices I can do to take care of myself during times of crisis.

What can we do?

Peace is the topic of the times. How do you find it? How do you keep it? How do you manage to get through your days without falling apart, dissolving into tears or getting really really angry.

The fact is, all of those feelings are legitimate with the unrest in the world, but after the tears and yelling and pounding pillows and phoning friends, donating to humanitarian causes, gathering for protests and vigils, how do you get yourself back together and focus on continuing to live your life. Remember what is most important to your heart, and how you can continue to make the world a better place. You always have a choice, act from a place of fear and anger, or act from a place of peace and love.

It may feel unimportant in the face of all that’s happening, but you still have a life to live, you still need to care for your body, mind and soul, nurture yourself and your relationships, work, eat and sleep and love. To keep yourself healthy so you can pursue your heart’s causes, support those in need, and continue to participate in the world, it may seem impossible, but finding peace is necessary.

How do you find peace?

1 – First, take a deep breath. I mean it, really deep into your belly, you can even put your hands on your lower belly to feel the breath going in and out. Not sure you’re doing it right? If your belly expands under your hands as you inhale, and contracts as you exhale, you’re doing it right. Belly breathing is the most important thing you can do to find peace right now, it will calm your nervous system, help you rest and digest, and even get to sleep. The peace is in the pause between the inhale and exhale, and the exhale and inhale. If you can focus your full attention on that pause, possibly even lengthen it a beat or two, you’ll have experienced a second or two of peace. Keep this practice going, a few times a day, and you can rewire and nurture your nervous system towards health and healing.

2 – Be Aware of What is Stressing you. Notice your surroundings, is the TV blaring with all of the frightful news? Have you gotten so traumatized by what’s happening on the news that you are neglecting things that nurture you and your environment?  Turn off the news, get up, stretch a bit (I have a 4 minute video on my you tube channel you can follow) and do something that feels nurturing. Make a healthy meal, take a walk, phone a friend and make a promise that you won’t spend the whole time talking about stressful topics, you can talk about nature, recipes, movies, shows or music you love, a favorite restaurant a book you’ve read recently, or how you are taking care of yourself. These conversations are nurturing to your mind and body.

3 – Rest, find total rest when you can. This means not watching news or being on any screen at night. If right now you’re up until 1:00am with screens on, try turning them off at midnight tonight and playing some soothing music or listening to a spiritually supportive podcast. Better yet, try meditating. There are so many guided meditations to help you relax and find ease, including on my website.

4 – Get help. If none of these things is helping, and you feel so awful you can barely function, get help. Call your therapist or get a coach to help you thrive. Contact me for a free consultation.

Yes things are really scary out there, which is why, more than ever, nurturing yourself and finding your internal peace is imperative. As the Buddha said, “Peace comes from within,” start there and then spread your peace however you can. I am holding all of you in my heart and praying for our world.

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