Your Simple Guide to Making Better Decisions is Here

Have you ever struggled to make a decision? Did you weigh the pros and cons and then still come up with enough weight on either side to be unsure? Maybe you even asked a couple of friends or mentors and still felt conflicted about what to do?

Try this never-fail test next time and you will always make the best possible choice.

Does my choice come from a place of love, or a place of fear? 

A Course In Miracles has beautiful teaching on this. Whatever choice comes from a place of love, choose that. Choices from love will align you with Spirit, your higher Self, and your moral path. Moving from a place of love will affirm that you are working toward the greatest good for all, and that is the purpose of our being.

Any choice can be aided by this thought, even which cereal to buy; is it healthy for you and the planet? that’s moving from love. Still unclear?

Here’s an example:

Recently my neighbor died suddenly. Her daughter has been staying at her house and, even though she and I haven’t been close in the past, I have been supporting her. I have been taking her out for walks with my dog, whom she loves, and making meals for her. I have been listening to her and hugging her and witnessing her grief.

She is really struggling. 

I have also been unusually busy with work and, because I traveled recently, very behind on some of my basic day-to-day tasks.

When the daughter calls or texts, and I’m busy, I have a choice.

“I’m too busy to bring you a meal or spend time with you right now.” Or, drop what I’m doing and help. 

Fear: I don’t have time to get enough done, I have spent hours with her and need to work on my own stuff so I can catch up.

Love: She needs my support, my students and clients will be fine, I will thank them for their patience. I have an opportunity to help someone in need, that’s where the love is.

Whether a decision is simple or complicated, if you break the choice down into coming from a place of love or a place of fear, the decision will become blessedly clear.

Notice your choices today and let me know how it goes by replying to this email!

I am adding an extra blessing to my daily prayers for all of those who suffer because of the war in Ukraine. 🙏🏻

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