Keeping Cool the Ayurvedic Way

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have just come through an unprecedented heatwave. Although there are hotter places on earth, we are certainly not used to 100 degree days, much less 116!

Here are a few tips, from Ayurveda and yoga, that you can use to keep your body cool this summer:

1 – Cooling breaths: I’ve made a video for you and uploaded it to my youtube channel to show you how easy it is to cool your body by using simple breathing techniques, just like the ancient yogis did in India (now that’s a hot place!).

2 – Be very mindful of what you eat. Most of the foods you eat, regardless of your diet, have properties that are either heating or cooling. I always coach my clients not to make drastic diet changes (which can cause digestive issues), instead, add a little more healthy food and take out a little of the less nutritious food. Slow, mindful changes to diet can make a huge difference in how you feel. The same is true for heating and cooling foods. Chili peppers, black pepper, onions, garlic, and cinnamon, are heating to the body, so avoid those, or use less in your cooking to keep cooler during hot weather. Instead if you’re feeling warm, choose mint, cucumber, bananas berries, and melons to help cool the body.

3 – Be most active early in the morning. Exercising in the heat of the day, and into the evening hours brings too much heat into the body leading to serious illness. It’s best to keep intense physical activity to a minimum during the heat of the summer, but if you must exert yourself, do so as early in the day as possible.

For more tips about keeping cool, or eating to support your body type, set up a free consultation

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