Emotional Growth through Challenge, Podcast

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed again for Dr. D’s Social Network, and enjoyed another deep and meaningful conversation with the brilliant Darian Parker PhD, NSCA-CPT. We talk about how to be emotionally healthy and so much more, see the highlight list below, it was a wide-ranging and deep conversation covering quite a variety of topics. Enjoy the podcast!

15:00 Childhood trauma affects adult health and what to do about it

18:00 trauma recovery can bring up and out other traumas from decades ago and allow it to heal
21:00 telling my story was hard, but worth it because it can help others,

23:00 Daily centering practices to help handle stress
27:30 How to ease the pain of rejection
28:00 The ONE REASON we suffer = the single cause of stress
30:00 you can stay emotionally healthy in the face of stress
34:00 how to be alone but not lonely
36:45 Ego vs Self on listening to your soul
43:00 staying single vs the fear of change
45:00 to nurture a new relationship, be flexible
48:00 prioritizing partnership
50:00 faith as a safety net, it makes everything easier
54:00 your mind creates your world
58:45 how an empath feels
1:07 presence: your focused attention is the most valuable gift you can give
1:10 Co-creating through conversation

Enjoy the podcast!

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