Sometimes the BEST thing you can do for your health is NOTHING!

Life has gotten busy again with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and a global release of all of the pent-up energy to get going. Are you starting to feel a bit overwhelmed after what may have been the quietest year of your life?

Many people are, and this is not good for your health!

To avoid overwhelm and the harsh re-entry into the go go go do do do of our culture, take a moment to do NOTHING.

That’s right, sometimes doing nothing is exactly what you need to support your health and well-being. 

Take a moment right now to close your eyes and focus only on your breath. Take three slow deep breaths and connect with yourself.

What does “connect with yourself” mean? It means observing how you are feeling. Instead of rushing to the next thing on your to-do list, possibly ignoring the needs or desires of your body or your soul, when you take a moment to check in, you may find that your to-do list isn’t really supportive of your health, or your goals, or your purpose in life.

To be sure your energy goes toward the things you value most, try the following practice that

I learned when I was studying Ayurveda at the Chopra Center. I must emphasize it is a PRACTICE. I get out of alignment, begin to feel tired or anxious or overwhelmed, then I remember to get quiet and go inward and reconnect. This practice allows me to stay in alignment with my soul purpose, and that alignment is essential to living a joyful fulfilling life.

Sit quietly and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who am I?

2. When you ask this, drop your title, relationships, and location, and let the answer come from your inner voice.

3. What do I want?

4. Let go of material things, vacations or relationships, what do you really want, what is your deepest desire?

5. What is my purpose?

6. We all have a purpose, and it may change and grow throughout your life, have you checked in lately to see if you are living in alignment with your purpose?

7. What am I grateful for?

Staying in touch with gratitude is the key to living a joyful and fulfilling life. There is always something to be cranky about, something to grieve, but if you focus on gratitude you will feel better more of the time! (Look back at question 2, my guess is feeling good was on the list!)

Asking these questions and quietly listening to the answers as they come from your soul helps to know what is truly important to you, and keep your priority list in line with your to-do list. 

I’d love to hear your comments about this experience, or journal about it so you can have a written reminder of what is truly important to you.

And if you want some support to further this practice, or learn to bring daily practices of meditation and mindfulness into your life to live more fully, send me an email at or click here for a free consultation.



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