Look, Your Perfection is Showing!

If I ask you to bring to mind your worst critic, that person in the office, or in your family, who just never thinks anything you do is good enough, and they aren’t afraid to tell you, who would it be?

Insert name here: 

If you came up with a name of a co-worker or even a loved one, my guess is this is someone who is extremely kind to you compared to your actual worst critic, you.

Yep, think about it. Is ANYONE as mean to you are you are? When is the last time you said something negative about your body, or a project you worked on, or how about the last time you dropped something? Did you call yourself an idiot? Did you tell yourself the project you produced was mediocre? Did you say to yourself, “that really wasn’t my best work, it needed improvement on so many levels…”, “I’m lazy,” “I’m fat,” “I’m a failure,” or something equally as critical?

We are so unkind to ourselves, yet we want nothing more than to be loved and appreciated. 

Here’s a secret: you can be fully loved and appreciated, by YOU.

The practice of self-acceptance and self-love is one of the most difficult and most rewarding practices you can do. What you will find, however, is that if you are able to develop self-love, your relationships with others will improve. If you can love yourself, and accept yourself, just as you are, your ability to spread that love and acceptance to others will bloom.

Here’s another secret: you are perfect, just exactly as you are. Before you get defensive and start to focus on all of your perceived flaws, consider this. Out of all of the millions of possible combinations of atoms and molecules and energy in the entire universe, you were created. The odds are nearly impossible, but here you are! Personally, I think you are a miracle. And I think I am a miracle.

If you find this concept ridiculous, let me reassure you, that the practice of self-love and self-acceptance is one of the most powerful ways to heal yourself and bring the best parts of you forward to shine your light into the world. Especially now, the world needs your light. Be kind to yourself. 

Next time you hear that voice in your head calling you a dummy for dropping a pan or spilling your coffee, or forgetting your keys, take a deep breath and think about what you would say to a loved one, or a child if they dropped something. Be kind to yourself, and your kindness will increase.

Let me know what you think, and next week I’m going to share a meditation with you to help you with this practice.

And in case you forget, let me reassure you, you are perfect!

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