It’s Time to Celebrate!

Phoenix Rising, Powerful Women Who Rose From The Ashes To Claim Their Place launches today!

We can do hard things, and this book is a testimonial to that!

As most of you know I have been through some hard things. But the truth is, considering these last 18 months, we have all been touched by grief and loss. When things become difficult, we practice gratitude, forgiveness and prioritize self-care.

Another way to strengthen our resilience and survive challenging times is through sharing our stories and connecting with the stories of others who have survived difficult times.

My new book, which launches today, is co-written by 19 women who have survived difficult times and gained strength, resilience, and self-compassion through their struggles. 

If you are a Kindle user, please buy the book today to support our best seller campaign! If not, respond to this email or look for the link to purchase the paperback in October.

Thank you all for supporting this book, and strengthening our world!



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