Sharing Hope for Healing

Michelle Ann Collins is on a mission to educate and empower individuals and collectives
on the topic of Grief. In a culture that is disconnected from nature and its cycles and
bereft of rituals that help us understand and process losses, Michelle's story, expertise,
and voice breathe hope, possibility, and even a little lightheartedness into our dark grief
She loves to speak on podcasts and to small groups who are hungry for hope and eager
to learn the well-being practices that enabled her to drag herself out of the cave,
release the mental and emotional burdens, and build a deep resilience as she climbed
the mountain of grief and eventually gained enough strength to turn around and help

Your audience will discover new ways to ...

Move through Grief

Whether it is the loss of a loved one by suicide, accident, natural causes, or estrangement,
or even the end of a phase of life, a career, or a dream, grief becomes even more
overwhelming when we don't understand its phases or have the well-being practices to
help us move through it.

Survive Suicide Loss

We can stay in our grief caves and suffer in isolation or we can create safe ways to step
out of them, release our mental and emotional burdens, and grow around and through
the pain. Using evidence-based practices to regulate the nervous system and taking
some helpful shortcuts through the overwhelming tasks will accelerate the natural
unfolding grief process and cultivate inner and outer resilience.

Support a Survivor of Suicide Loss

Supporting someone you care about through grief is hard, but adding suicide loss to the
equation makes it even more confusing and challenging. What can you possibly say or
do that would help? More importantly, what are the words and behaviors that could hurt
during this tender time on their suicide loss survivor's journey?

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